Friday, October 24, 2008

World's largest sun-tracking solar plant now operational in Shinan.

Stolen from here.

According to the Donga Ilbo. It is the size of 93 soccer fields, and will provide energy to 10,000 homes. Shinan, or Sinan, is a county in Jeollanam-do comprised entirely of islands. About 830, 111 inhabited, according to Naver, and 1,004 according to the official site. There are only 21,636 households in the county, and 46,137 people. Lots of gorgeous islands and beaches over there. There are some boat tours of the islands leaving from Mokpo; anyone have details?


Alex said...

Thank you for this entry. It brought me great joy, and now I will stop reading past articles, so as to leave on a happy note :)

Brian said...

Wow, you were just a comment machine yesterday, weren't you? Thanks for the love. I'm glad you enjoy solar power. I do, too . . . but it's staggering to think that a field so huge will only provide energy to 10,000 homes. And in a place like Shinan that's entirely tiny islands, not even sure that many homes will benefit.

I was thrown for a loop because I think there are two Alexs from Mokpo commenting here. I think you're the original, though.