Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guess where the Jindo dog show was.

Waygook Next Door visited the Jindo Dog Festival World Dogshow last weekend and took a few pictures. You can find more on the official website and via a Naver search. I was interested to read some of her comments.
These dogs are everywhere on Jindo. Because the breed is protected as a national treasure, only Jindos that are bred on the island can be considered “pure”, and so everyone and their mother has a small kennel in the backyard because of the premium these puppies go for. On top of that, it is illegal to take them out of the country, and so most Jindos are microchipped at 6 months old, and yes, they do check, both at the airport and the checkpoint on the bridge to the mainland.

I've done some writing on Jindos before (here, too), remarking on the distance between the high regard they're held as a symbol of national pride and the way we seem them treated in real-life. If you read up on Jindos, or check out the Jindo county government site, you'll see that the chief reason the dogs are so prized is because they are considered uniquely Korean, and the promotional material goes out of its way to remind the reader of that time and time again.
there are concerns of which the rumors, verbally passed down, is believed to be true by our people: that the ancestors of the Jindo Dog are the Mongol dogs or dogs from Song dynasty, China.

Considering these points, we wish to make clear that the Jindo Dog is our nations native dog as a result of document analysis and scientific research.

Sounds familiar. Go ahead and read my first two posts on the topic for some more links and information.

I was also disturbed to read of another bit of news from Jindo:
The good: the weather was gorgeous, and I got to take “my dog” for a nice walk. The bad: I was sick, and so the whole day felt a little off, and I didn’t feel up to going to Mokpo with the other Jindo waygooks for the farewell festivities for one of them. The really bad: While said group was hiking, they came across a girl who had committed suicide on the trail by hanging herself, and they had to deal with the police all afternoon.


Alex said...

I don't mean to rain on the parade, but they look like a close breed to the Akita and Shiba dogs of Japan.

Curly tail and everything. Akita and Shiba dogs are "ancient dog breeds" according to one classification.

Incidentally, Akita, Shiba, and Jindo all seem to be classified as hunting dogs.

Kelsey said...

I have refrained from posting a full write-up, as I'm not sure how the foreigners involved would feel about that, but I did feel the need to mention *something* about the suicide-discovery. According to the co-teacher who served as translator, it makes the 4th suicide in Jindo this week. I guess midterms are taking their toll!

Kelsey said...

Alex: They are all related, along with the Siberian Laika. It's only the Koreans that claim they are unique.

Andy said...

Were they serving any 보신탕 at the festival? ㅋㅋㅋ

Kelsey said...

Andy: Actually, it's illegal to eat dog on Jindo, due to the fact that all dogs here are protected. It's one nice factor of living here.