Monday, September 7, 2009

VANK announces winners in Korea blogging contest.

Those of you who entered will have received an email that VANK has announced the winners of the Korea blogging contest held this summer (more on that here). They're not listed by blog but by email address, though you can probably find some familiar names there. I see that ROK Drop, Chris in South Korea, Roboseyo, and I are among those who won mp3 players. They awarded prizes to the top 100 bloggers, though I see that only 103 entered, so that was a very nice gesture for VANK to reward so many of us for doing what we already do. Those in the top 30 are eligible to win trips to some notable Korean tourist sites. So, a big thank you to VANK and to the readers who visited this summer!


daecorea said...

Congratulations on winning an mp3 players. Although I think there were probably more than 103 entries but they didn't process all the entries as I and several of my friends entered several times but were never officially entered in the contest and never appeared in the vank list of blogs entered.

daecorea said...

Never mind. I found out after registering various times, I was finally registered but never appeared in the metabloggen list. Apparently I was one of the 3 out of 103 people that didn't win.

ZenKimchi said...

Other blogerati I've recognized:

- Maangchi
- Hermit Hideaways
- Seoul Eats
- Paul Ajosshi
- Ask the Expat
- Kiss My Kimchi
- Foreign/er Joy
- Seoul Beats

(wow, two kathechang@ got netbooks. what a coincidence)

Craig said...

When I first read the headline I thought it said, "Vanker announces whinners in Korea blogging contest."

kushibo said...

So VANK didn't actually read your blog, eh? Or if they did, they didn't do a word search for "East Sea." :)

Brian said...

If they searched for "East Sea" here they wouldn't find anything.

London Korean Links said...

So where's your Korea, Sparkling widget ^^