Thursday, September 3, 2009

Korea Times runs fake jellyfish photo, seems to be a fan of the Google image search.

I was reading over on Gangwon Notes about the growing jellyfish population this time of year, and noted with terror the photograph that accompanied the Korea Times article.

It's of a Nomura jellyfish, and the article has this to say:
Nomura jellyfish make up the majority of the population and are one of the largest types of jellyfish. They can grow up to two meters in diameter and weigh up to 220 kilograms.
The photograph is attributed to Yonhap, though Gangwon Notes wonders whether its real. I looked into it, too, and did a Google image search for "huge jellyfish" and came to this post on a blog named Cakehead Loves Evil which has the same debate in the comments section . . . and a great collection of jellyfish photos. A few seconds more and I found the "Real or Not" debate among divers on, with the consensus being "not." I'll give the final word to the site Museum of Hoaxes, which says "probably fake." The Photoshopped jellyfish photograph is the second result for a Google image search for "Nomura jellyfish," so that's probably how that worked. For comparison's sake, here's another photograph of a diver and the business end of a Nomura jellyfish. The article even says "Sea of Japan," right in the first damn sentence, so case closed.


kushibo said...

If they'd discovered something like that and that big, you'd have read about it in a whole bunch of publications.

arvinsign said...

I agree that photo is PS'ed. The size is exaggerated in proportion to the size of the diver. They should have used a more decent and credible photo such as those found in the National Geographic website. KT is (acting) like a tabloid most of the time

kushibo said...

Maybe the "diver" is a toy.

Not probably, but it is a possibility.

ROK Hound said...

That a google searched photo was used (and not researched well enough) doesn't surprise me.

The first time I remember something of the sort happening here was when Krispy Kreme first made the shores of Korea.

Daum had an article about the first Korean KK shop opening up, and it was obvious they went to the easy google image search and used the first resulting photo with their article.

Unfortunately, this was the first result google pulled up:

Same thing happened with an American TV news report, too:
(scan down to "Fun on the Web", Mar.3)

Lazy people will always eventually be found out.

kushibo said...

Thanks, ROK Hound, for reminding me of that one. I first heard about it at The Marmot's Hole back in 2006. Good times.


Monday 8th September said...

Oh dear - I posted the piece that made this go viral but sometimes forget you have to point the obvious out. I can confirm the picture is a fake. Oooops!

bza said...

I think I first saw the fake picture on a humour website on a list of the species that can cause the most damage to humans, or something like that.

Kind of fitting a Korean news organization and a humour website would use the same image.