Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ulsan World Music Festival cancelled because of swine flu.

I guess I'll add the Ulsan World Music Festival (also known as the Cheoyong Culture Festival, 처용문화제) to the list I posted yesterday.

Thanks to Jelly for her comments in the last post for the information. The English pop-up reads, in part:
Due to the fast increase in no. of H1N1 postive recently reported by Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ministry of Public Administration and Security released operational procedure for festivals and events organized by the local authorities as of 3rd September that it is advised to cancel or postpone festivals and events attract more than 1,000 people at a time and run more than 2 days.

To take the recommendation from the Central Government, Ulsan Metropolitan City has announced to cancel the entire Cheoyong Culture Festival-2009 Ulsan World Music Festival (9th-11th October).

As far as I can tell, that policy was first made public in English by Lee Cham, the head of the Korean Tourism Organization, in a September 14th Korea Times article. Though Puffin_Watch, another commenter on yesterday's post, could be right, and the H1N1 scare could be an excuse for organizers to shut down smaller festivals that didn't expect to turn a profit. After all, you're about just as likely to get the flu in any large gathering of people, so why aren't they cancelling Home Plus or Insadong?

As an aside, you'll see I added a feature that shows the last ten comments on this site, if you'd like to follow what people are talking about. So if you're bored today you can do that, or read about "funny H1N1 flu stories" like those shared here by commenters or on this Dave's thread:
My friend went to Thailand for summer vacation. Upon his return he was given a 3 day quarantine period by his principal. During the 3 days he was supposed to watch videos at home and make question sheets and tests for the teachers to use in class. Well, the principal didn't trust him to do the work at home, so she told him he had to come to school and do the work in one of the classsrooms. Then, while he was at the school working on these resources, he noticed one of the Korean teachers was there teaching her classes. He thought this was odd because he had seen her in Thailand when he was on vacation. He asked the principal why he had a "quarantine" and she did not need one. The answer; because she is Korean and ate Kimchi on her vacation, she can not be sick.


WeikuBoy said...

I don't know what's more sad about that comment from Dave's:

The profound ignorance of Koreans concerning: a) foreigners and b) how diseases spread.
That Koreans go to Thailand for a short vacation and eat kimchi.
That the commenter saw his Korean co-worker in Thailand.

brent said...

Why does a little power have to go straight to people's heads? ...must exert authority...at all costs...

bza said...

Hahahaha, kimchi cures all!

Koreans are interesting when it comes to eating food abroad. Despite how delicious the food of south-east Asia is, I saw an enormous amount of Korean restaurants catering exclusively to Koreans when I was in Cambodia and Thailand.

It was just strange to see, since the major reasons North Americans or Europeans go there, besides the nice weather, beaches, affordability, and culture, is the delicious food.

Can't go a day without kimchi I guess...

fattycat said...

A girl in my class was diagnosed with N1H1 after being in class for about 2 weeks. I reported it to my higher ups, who inturn informed their higher ups and in the end the school decided not to inform any of her classmates that they had been exposed to it. Guess you cant catch it in Korea :P

1994 said...

I met a woman last week who was fell off the steroyype tree and hit every branch on the way down:
1. "Are you an English teacher?"
2. Upon telling her my industry: "I didn't think they hired foreigners."
3. Upon telling her what I had for lunch: "Isn't it spicy?"
4. At least you will have imune (sic) from the virus." "...H1N1 virus."
5. After telling her my feet hurt from running: "Have a multivitimin."
There were more, just too hungover to remember.

3gyupsal said...

This is extremely cowardly cancelling these festivals. this has been a rather shitty year for holidays. 1 day off for Seolal. 1. Day for Chuseok. Nothing for Childrens day. Nothing for Gae Chun Jul. Jesus fucking christ let some people catch swine flu, it is really no big deal. There will be a vaccine out next month.

Aaron said...

A friend of mine's school just cancelled their Autumn festival today and are going to have class instead. Now, tell me what is the difference, relative to catching swine flu, in having class as opposed to a closed school festival?
I think this is turning into a convenient way to save money. Tough luck for Bobby Kim, MC Mong and the other usual festival types.

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Brian said...

lol, 1994.

Equilibrio Energetico said...

Are the cancelled festivals goin to happen on any other dates? I imagine the mess now to arrange all the problems concerning to the international bands that were going to attend the festival! don't want to working in that office!!