Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 Jindo Arirang Festival cancelled.

The 2009 Jindo Arirang Festival (2009진도아리랑축제), scheduled for October 31st through November 3rd in Jeollanam-do's Jindo county, has been cancelled because of swine flu worries. A notice, in Korean, has appeared on the Jindo county homepage as well. The Jindo Arirang is a regional variation of the popular Korean folk song "Arirang," a variation about which Google can tell you more.

In other local festival news, the annual "Kill Lots of Japanese People Festival" (명량대첩축제) in Haenam and Jindo counties had its schedule abbreviated this year because of swine flu, and will be held from October 9th through 11th. It was originally scheduled to begin on the 8th. This is the festival mentioned on GFN a while back, the one that features a recreation of the Battle of Myeongnyang.

Yeah, better pictures than this of the recreation exist, but it's late, I'm tired, and I don't like violence.


fattycat said...

At Homeplus today, they were making everyone go in only one enterance and there was a guy there that had a spray bottle. They sprayed everyone's hands with whatever was inside.

At D's university on Friday there were medical people at the enterance taking the temperature of everyone who entered...with the same %$&* 'n thermometer

Kelsey said...

I remember seeing advertising for that festival while I lived in Jindo, but there was never much talk about it. I suspect it's a smaller deal than they make it out to be.

Brandon said...

The Seoul Fireworks Festival has also been cancelled because of the flu.

Nicole & Adam said...

I was told they cancelled the Kimchi Festival here in Gwangju too! Oh, and we are not allowedd to turn on the air in our classrooms for fear of the germs going through the system and making the kids cold, so now, we sweat

Brian said...

Yep, they cancelled the Kimchi Festival and a bunch of other big ones in Gwangju. Browse the "Festivals" or "Swine flu in Korea" categories for them (I'm too tired to link directly).