Sunday, July 26, 2009

New literary journal, The Seoul International Review, to start.

From Brian Dear of Sparkling Chaos, and formerly of swine flu quarantine fame, comes news of a literary journal he's starting, called The Seoul International Review. An excerpt from his post on Dave's:
I am developing a new literary journal called "The Seoul International Review." It's going to be loosely modeled on The Paris Review and it's going to be published quarterly, with September (Fall 2009) as the first issue.

I wanted to let everyone know in case either you might be interested in submitting short stories (400-5000 words, negotiable in some cases) poems or black and white photos (we are also considering short plays, scripts and reportage as well.) Criticism is also desired, but it will be a "back of the book" feature. We want to put the emphasis on good stories and not good stories of people talking about stories.

Korea is NOT the theme of the journal.. we'll consider stories on any subject, preferably with some international flavor, setting or theme. For example, we are going to publish a great historical fiction story set in Stalin's Russia. The international requirement is flexible, but we'd like to publish stories that would be interesting for an international audience.

The mission of the journal is to promote quality short-form writing to an international audience. Korea lacks many literary journals in English and there is a great demand here, both among expats and the general Korean community.

The journal will be printed in a trade paperback form and available locally (within Korea) as well as internationally through Amazon. I have contacts in two Paris bookstores who have agreed to carry the title and I am working on distribution channels to have the journal carried in various independent books stores in San Francisco, Houston and Kansas City. Eventually, I hope to have the title more widely available, but of course such an endeavor takes time.

Read the rest of that post for more. The deadline for submissions for the first issue is August 15th, and should be emailed, preferably as a .pdf file, to superacidjax at

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Chris said...

The Seoul Writers Workshop publishes an annual anthology of Korean-based expat writers. Given the size, age, and transitory nature of the expat community, I'm not sure that there is enough support for two anthologies.
Also, SWW has been advertising its call for submissions for the past three months, with a very similar deadline (Aug 14th).

Best of luck to him.