Thursday, April 9, 2009

Korea's real-name system and implications for Wikipedia?

Big Brother Sitemeter directed me to this post on a wikimedia board alerting users that South Korea will require users of boards and chatrooms with more than 100,000 visitors per day to register with their real names. An editor of the Korean wiki wrote in the above message:
We have to check the number of visitors from South Korea. If we have
more than that, we have to decide if we will allow editing or not from
South Korea.

It's a serious challenge for Wikipedia.

Perhaps we'll know exactly who's behind all those edits to the Yi Sun-shin page. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales did touch on the topic last fall, in a speech at the International Conference on Global Entrepreneurship in Seoul and in a subsequent interview with the Hankyoreh. For an overview to the implementation of Korea's real-name system, take a look at this Gusts of Popular Feeling post.

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