Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Important news on the small face front.

Korean women's faces are 5% smaller than Korean men's. More information on the face-size obsession here. I learned that there's at least one good thing to have come from the heavy, oppressive, poisoning influence of American culture in Korea:
Professor Kim Hee-jin from the department of dentistry in Yonsei University explained, “The decrease in face length can be attributed to the diet of preferring soft food such as hamburgers.” and added, “If one gets in the habit of eating food that mainly uses the front teeth when one is young, the jaw muscles which we use for chewing food may become weak and it may cause the size of the jawbone to become smaller.”


An Expat in Korea said...

Professor Kim has got to be wrong. That sounds like an old wife's tale to me, and since doctors prescribe kim chi to help treat stomach cancer in this country, I don't know if I can trust this explanation.

kushibo said...

An Expat in Korea, I'm not buying it either. I think someone threw a mike in her face and asked her for a speculative answer.

I think it has to do with changes in diet and atmospheric variables, which lead to changes in how fat, bone, and skin are deposited and shaped. Even without plastic surgery, there are bigger eyes, smaller faces, taller people, and more proportional and smaller heads and faces

nb said...

This is what scares the shit out of me in Korea: "Professional" people, i.e. doctors and professors, scientists mix medical and scientific facts with old wives' tales (i.e. bullshit). Perfect example is that a Korean woman will be advised for her doctor to stay in bed for....like 4 weeks and not move. That is absolutely ludicrous and has no medical backing.