Thursday, March 26, 2009

Haechi is kawaikunai.

Seriously, on what planet is this character considered cute?

It's Haechi, which somehow ended up as Seoul's mascot. The Korea Times explains a little in an article from last May.
``Despite the scale and reputation of Seoul, we don't have any representative symbol. We've selected Haechi as the symbol and we hope it will promote the city internationally,'' said Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon.

He wants Haechi to become like the Big Apple of New York, Merloin in Singarpore and Buddy Bear of Berlin, the mayor said. Seoul will be promoted as ``City of Haechi.''

Christ. Anyway, the KT has a caption on a similar photo today:
Haechi, generally known as Haetae, is a lion-like horned creature that often appears in myths as a guardian against fire

wait, what?


rwellor said...

I dunno, I find that big old stuffed animal version better than the sketch-drawings of Haechi, which make him look like he craves the flesh of human children. It also looks, I suppose, like it was drawn by Ralph Steadman.

An odd choice for a mascot, certainly.

stacy said...

what the hell is that? it a 노란 도깨비?
there are so many talented korean illustrators and designers that I hope it was whoever ( client ) approved the character that may be at fault?

anne said...

hahahaha! it really isn't cute