Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Other rallies in Jeollanam-do.

There were plenty of rallies last night throughout South Korea to commemorate June 10th. The biggest one, of course, was in Seoul, but most of the towns and counties in Jeollanam-do had gatherings as well. An article in the 한겨레 contains a map breaking down where the protests took place:

They also did a little profile on how many people showed up at each location:
광주에선 금남로 삼복서점 앞에서 1만여명이 촛불문화제를 열었다. 민주노총 광주·전남본부 노동자 2천여명은 광주공원 앞에서 사전 집회를 연 뒤 행진해 합류했다. 전남대생들은 동맹휴업을 하고 참여했으며, 전남대 졸업생들도 흰색 와이셔츠에 넥타이를 매고 동참했다. 전남대 145명, 조선대 105명의 교수들이 시국선언을 발표했으며, 목포대 순천대 등 교수들도 시국선언문을 서명을 받고 있다. 여수에서는 건설노조 소속 노동자들과 시민 등 3500여 명이 참여하는 등 전남 22곳 시·군 가운데 16곳에서 8천여명이 참여했다.

I have no idea where these sources are getting their numbers, because each article I looked at gave different figures. The above-quoted 한겨레 story contradicts itself, as the map says 18 of 22 Jeonnam administrative divisions held gatherings, while the article says 16. Naver via Newsis says 18, and Namnu News said demonstrations were planned in 13 Jeonnam cities and counties. Gusts of Popular Feeling has a map from the 서울신문 that says 13, too.

Looks like Jindo didn't do anything last night because fire hasn't been invented there yet. Regardless, I was more interested in finding out where these demonstrations took place and in finding photos of them in blogs and newspapers. I'm sure plenty of others will turn up later, and I'll add them to the post as I find them.

* Gangjin county had one in front of their bus terminal, and the 강진신문 estimates 300 people were there.

* Three thousand turned out in Naju, one of Jeollanam-do's five cities, on the main street in front of Namgomun Gate. :

* According to this blog, 3,000 were at Yeosu's:

* Suncheon had rallies in front of Suncheon Station (pictured below), Suncheon University, and Choeun Plaza.

Here's another shot in front of Suncheon Station from a local paper:

* Not sure where these were taken in Mokpo.


Jess said...

The pictures from Mokpo look to be from the pedestrian walkway that runs through Hadang, the main part of town.

Brian said...

Thanks, the articles said the rallies were in Hadang, but I've never been and so didn't recognize the area.