Monday, June 16, 2008

Writer, editor of "Expat Living" stabbed with a broken bottle.

Gypsy Scholar tells us that Matthew Lamers was stabbed in the arm with a broken bottle in Hongdae on Saturday. He's the man who edits the "Expat Living" section of the Korea Herald and who has reported on issues of interest to foreigners that would otherwise to without mention in the local media. He's apparently all right, though he didn't go to the police. An excerpt from the original post:
Matt didn't bother to report the 'incident' to the police even though he'd lost a bit of blood, had seen three taxis refuse to help, and had endured the first hospital that he'd visited do little but send him on to another hospital.

"Why didn't you report it?" I asked.

"I've written enough articles about police inaction when foreigners are attacked that I knew nothing would be done," he explained.

He was the one who wrote this story, for example, and he has also written on racism in hagwon hiring practices, on Bill Kapoun, and on other topics related to the foreign community here. As commenter Sonagi pointed out, if a white foreigner is going to be randomly assaulted in Seoul, chances are it will be in Hongdae because of the way it's been portrayed in the media as a wretched hive of foreigner scum and villany.

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MandyKat said...

No wonder military members are not allowed in Hongdae after 5pm!