Friday, September 19, 2008

Dongguk University still being an uppity little bitch.

From the KT:
Dongguk University has refused to accept Yale University's offer to make a public apology for its administrative error involving the false diploma of disgraced art professor Shin Jeong-ah.

The Seoul school said it would continue its compensation suit, in which it seeks $50 million for defamation.

An official of the university said Thursday that Yale had proposed a compromise during the first settlement hearing held at the Connecticut District Court on Aug. 28.

``The U.S. school said it would hold a press briefing to make a public apology for its mistake and place apologetic ads in Korean newspapers as well as $100,000 if Dongguk drops the suit. It also offered to develop joint education programs,'' the official said.

The school, however, refused the offer. ``We refused, as we thought we can regain our honor by winning the suit,'' he said.

Pardon me, but who the fuck are you? Dongguk? Uh-huh, I see, please remember to pick up my drycleaning this afternoon. You'll remember that Shin Jeong-ah is generally considered the case to call attention to the widespread academic dishonesty that existed and exists in a variety of professional spheres in South Korea. Because Yale mistakenly authenticated Shin's degree when (reportedly) asked by Dongguk when the professor was hired, we're seeing some big time finger-pointing here and back-peddling here.

I first wrote about this Yale-Dongguk business back in February, calling attention to a hilarious, out-of-context quotation on the university's English-language introduction page:
"Our university may not be a top-ranked institution in Korea not to say of a prestigious one in the world."

Indeed. As I said back then,
Worth reminding readers that Shin worked at Dongguk for about two years before her forged credentials were exposed. Not sure if there's a whole lot of blame to spread around. Many of us are familiar, though, with how ridiculously arduous the degree verification process can be in Korea, so all the blown calls at Dongguk are hardly surprising.


Brian said...

As always, dumbass comments are deleted. There's always room for you on

kimchi2000 said...

in all seriousness, i dont see anything wrong with the lawsuit. if the all-might-powerful-american-ivy-league yale thinks they have a good chance of winning, they would have never offered the money and the public apology to the lowly-pathetic-korean-drycleaning-pickupservice-to-expat dongguk university. in america, if u fuck up big time, u pay up big time. but i think yale will end up winning at the end so dongguk should just take the offer while it stand. also the offer made by yale seems pretty sweet to me.

Jamie said...

You must send me a message and tell me what the deleted comment said.

I also find it funny to think that someone is suing a university with one of the best law schools in the world.

Good luck with that.

Roboseyo said...

This seems silly -- especially when a world top three university has offered to set up a joint education programs with Dongguk.

Yale is currently ranked the top law school in the world.

next, the president of dongguk plans to challenge UFC champion Antônio Nogueira, to show how fuckin mad he is.