Thursday, July 10, 2008

Anti-Korean sentiment in Taiwan?

Muninn has an interesting little post up about his perceptions of anti-Korean sentiment in Taiwan, an island which has long occupied a special place in my heart, awww. Go read the whole thing, it's pretty good, but here's an excerpt that contains a few answers to questions he's asked like "What do you think of Korea(ns)?":
1. Taipei, pro-Blue female. “Koreans are so arrogant! You know they tried to register the Dragon Boat race with [some UN organization] as a Korean tradition that they invented?”

2. Kaohsiung, female. “I hate (討厭)Korea! I have interacted with many Korean women at international conferences and they are always talking. They are so loud and very rude.”

3. Kaohsiung, male pro-Green graduate student. Has studied Korean at university level. “I hate (討厭) Koreans! I knew many Koreans at university and they were so rude, arrogant, and obsessed with their pride. Koreans hate the Japanese. They are always trying to show how they are as good as the Chinese, and when it comes to the Taiwanese, they look down (看不起) on us.

My few Taiwanese friends have always commented on how hyper-nationalistic Koreans have seemed to them, but also, like the blog post points out, how popular Korean products have become. We saw that a little bit last month when Korea Beat directed us to a humorous map depicting "The World From a Taiwanese Perspective," where Korea is labelled "They say they created the world."

Hmm, and there's another reason why some Taiwanese might dislike Korea.


Sonagi said...

Taiwanese ill feelings towards Koreans are just part of a greater Chinese internet-fueled antipathy. There are literally lists of grievances:

1. Koreans stealing our culture
a. Koreans registered Dano holiday with UNESCO. Same day, same Chinese characters as Duanwu, the Dragon Boat festival. Dano probably originated from Duanwu, but its customs are completely different.
b. Goguryo
c. Gando and Korean speed skating team stunt
d. Korean extremist claims that half of China was once under Korean rule and historical fantasy dramas
e. urban myths about Koreans claiming Chinese characters, Confucius, and now Mao as being Korean in origin.
f. real and fictitious examples of boasting about Korean culture in Korean dramas.

The world's Chinese may disagree about many things, but they put up a united front against words and actions that are perceived as an attack on China or the Chinese people.

Matthew said...

Sonagi, you are forgetting the way that Korea handled the recognition of China. My memory might be faulty, but Korea went way beyond what they needed to do, and this angered the people of Taiwan. Something about taking Taiwanese property and giving it to China, I believe.

Sonagi said...

When Korea followed most other countries and switched recognition to the PRC, the Taiwanese were caught off guard and felt betrayed. The only property transfer I'm aware of is the embassy and other government property in Myeongdong. Private property, including a large school in Yeonhui-dong which continues to fly the Taiwan flag, was not confiscated.

BTW, I am unsympathetic to Chinese complaints about Korea. Most of the gripes are exaggerations or petty complaints.

mr bean said...

i think sonagi dosent really understand the core of the matter. as a taiwanese in australia, my understandin to anti-korean sentiment is somehow different to urs. i think the points u mention were more of concern to mainlanders, but to a certain extend it does make taiwanese feel angry(as being chinese), however i think it is korean's ignorance and selfishness dat make taiwanese dislike korean. eg:
1 as wat mattew said, givin our property to PRC is definitely inapproriate, and it is not "The only property" it is 'the property", it is taiwanese'property.
2 korean drama and music pop-stars are terribly arrogant, in which they put themself in a higher status than they are(higher than hollywood stars). a nice example would be they're not so puntual, and have bad attitude while promoting in taiwan, and havin requists such as 'kimchi in every meal' dat just reveal how arrogant korean is.
3 korean medias are super nationalistic, jus rescently korean media point out how "chiawan" has eaten away korean's market,which implies without china's manufacturers taiwanese company would not be able to beat korean?? lol it is only true if all the LG and samsung products are manufacture in korea
4 korean dosent know wat sportsmanship is.(ask european)
5 korean looks down on all other asians, how funny is dat? when they are not the richest, not most powerful, dosent have the 'most' popular pop-culture,dosent have the best technology or medecine.for music i think taiwanese is more popular in mainland, in film, japs and honkong are better, in culture, japanese topped, in food, all asian food are great, so in fact korean topped nothin, stop thinkin ur the master!!
6 lastly, sayin all chinese are the same(including taiwanese)in fact dosent diminish taiwanese, and doesnt make taiwanese feel bad, it jus reveal how bad korean taught their citizens(especially in geography and asian history)it is equivalent in sayin'north korea and south korea are politically united and have the same living standard"