Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Actress Kim Min-seon breaks her promise.

Thanks to Troll_Bait for bringing this to our attention (here, too). Apparently actress Kim Min-seon was caught eating beef at an American fast food restaurant. You'll recall she wrote "I would gulp poison rather than eat U.S. beef" on her hompy last month. Or, maybe you won't recall it, since nobody seems to know who she is. I was going to write "She's the answer to the trivia question 'First Jeong Da-bin, then who?'" but that'd be in bad taste. Anyway, I got 5,000 won that says the next scandal with her will be that her foreign boyfriend put her up to it.


thegrandnarrative said...

If anybody does want to know who she is, there's no better guide than my biography of her here:


Brian said...

Holy crap.

thegrandnarrative said...

I'll take that as a compliment!

nosaj100 said...

My wife says she will be on TV in less than a week crying about her mistake.

Jamie said...

This is hilarious.

A B-List actress in a country of B-List actors with a "Circus of the Stars" mentality tries to gain popular favor by her statement.

Then, she doesn't have the intelligence to get take out?

BTW, nice write up TGN.

thegrandnarrative said...


Hyun-Joon said...

I think her comment is exaggerating the danger of American beef, but that commercial was shot in January, when the problem is not known well.

Bob said...

Problem? BSE in (N.) American beef? You mean the problem that hasn't killed or even hurt anyone yet? She's an idiot that evoked violent imagery to get herself in the news.

MiMi said...

It doesn't matter when the 'problem' became well known in Korea. Beef didn't become 'dangerous' until after it was announced that it was to be imported. If it's 'dangerous' now, then it was 'dangerous' then, too. The molecular structure of beef didn't magically 'change' because PD Diary said US Beef was 'mad cow'.

Either US Beef is 'dangerous' or it isn't. No in between. She said it was poison and yet, she was eating it...STUFFING HER FACE WITH IT, PERIOD.

Perhaps she should be tested? HAHAHAHAAA!

Juicy said...

Browsing some of the articles linked here, her words are actually a bit more dramatic than "rather gulp poison." She said, "If I had to (choose), I'd rather dust off cyanide packet right in my mouth than eat a mad cow germ infested American beef."

Her rep is saying that the picture was taken in January before the mad cow hysteria, but Korean article is taking a rather skeptical approach to that explanation (practically calls it a 'lame excuse.').

At any rate, her vehemence is somewhat suprisingly since even if her account is true, she has survived an encounter with "mad cow germ infested American beef" without much ill effect, whereas her encounter with a cynide packet is not likely to be er... as happy.

Juicy said...

Oh my god, the comments are even funnier. Here are some select ones but sorry for some crudeness that I'm keeping in as to be faithful to the original tone:

"Looks damn tasty. Cyanide is tasty too. You said this was before the mad cow movement? You're in for it now. In 10 years when you're 40, you'll get the symptoms. What you gonna do? You said you wanted to die pretty."

"The American beef that you stuffed your face with in January was delicious, but now in May, it's infested with mad cow germs? What happened, did all the worse-than-cyanide mad cow germs go to the US in May for a field trip?"

"Bitch can't take care of herself. And she shills for companies? Better take care of yourself first."

"Before you speak, or write, just for once, think first! Now based on what you said, your brain's gonna be full of holes."

"Those who demonstrate believing what Kim Min Seon said, why not reflect on just for what reason and for whom you demonstrate?"

Paraphrasing because it's long... "You can say that you didn't remember eating American beef in January because you got mad cow disease from eating it and your brain's gone."

"Brain is empty but the mouth is alive."

And my favorite:

뻔뻔녀, or "shameless bitch/hussy."

Comments seem to be evenly split, some supporting her and by extension the current hysteria, and some condemning her and the hysteria.