Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Netizens go after Moon Geun-young.

About a week ago we learned that a famous twentysomething actress was the largest contributor to "The Community Chest," a charity that received some 850 million won from the anonymous donor. A few days later it was revealed that the donor was Moon Geun-young. And now, cyberbullies are going after her.
Despite the actress’s requests to keep her name secret, the charity group, after being harassed by the press, finally confirmed the 21-year-old donor was Moon.

Following the revelation, however, she was subject to cyber attacks by people called her donations politically motivated. Her private blog and articles praising her behavior were bombarded with numerous nasty comments belittling the donations as a way to enhance her reputation for her career.

Also a conservative columnist claimed Moon’s donations promoted communism in Korea, citing her late grandfather’s pro-North activities. Her late grandfather Ryu Nak-jin was a pro-communism guerrilla in the South during and after the Korean War (1950-1953) and refused to convert right up to his death in 2005.

In an article, Ji Man-won, said, ``This is part of communist-led psychological warfare aimed to beautify a descendant of the communist. Articles speaking highly of her donations help make people respect communists as activists striving to reunite the two Koreas.’’
My dad has asked me to tone down the language on the blog, saying it scares away potential "serious" readers. But if you can think of a response to Ji Man-won other than "why don't you go fuck yourself you slimy, opportunistic hack?" then please volunteer it.

Taking an opposite position, Roboseyo has written how the actress has made up for all those annoying commercials and for appearing in practically every single advertisement from 2005 to 2007. "Korea's Little Sister" is a Gwangju native, and Roboseyo writes of her:
God bless her bright, squirrelly eyes, even as they stare at me from the side of every fifth bus in Seoul.

Indeed. Let's hope people get fired up about this attack on her. I suspect Jeolla folks won't take too kindly to some guy throwing around the c-word and pushing around one of their own.


Robert said...

OK, about Ji Man-won. Yes, he can be an asshole, and this incident was far from him at his worst, but he can, on occasion, make a good point. He's kind of like Pat Buchanan that way --- just slightly less Catholic and anti-Israeli. To hear his side of the story, he was taking exception with some of the reports and posts claiming she came from a good family of "pro-unification" and "democracy" activists, when the reality is a much more complex. And yes, Moon did take all the condolence money she got from her grandfather's funeral --- about 50 million won --- and donated it to a pro-North Korean group legally designated an "enemy organization" (although I seem to recall at the time this was in accordance with her grandfather's wishes). Which is not to take anything away from what anyone agree is exceptional generosity --- most of it, it seems, to very good causes:


Anyway, if you like, take a look at Ji's homepage --- he has a ton of stuff up about Moon and the stir his comments have called. Kind of interesting to read if you're into watching online train wrecks:


Roboseyo said...

It just goes to show that the only form of human life lower than pundits are the cyber-bullies that attack whatever they criticize for attention. I'd been wondering who was Korea's Ann Coulter.

What a fustercluck.

At least your grandma doesn't read your blog...
but I heard she isn't a serious reader, anyway.

(my dad just wishes I'd talk more about God on my blog...but then, I don't swear much there, either)