Monday, November 10, 2008

"Hub lounges" open in Incheon Airport.

Hardly breaking news, but I first came across this month-old press release a week ago. An excerpt on the story about two new general admission lounges that opened in October:
Until now, airport lounges were only made available to business class passengers and first class passengers. However, the Hub Lounge is now available to anyone for a small fee of 35,000 won. Once admitted, passengers may comfortably take advantage of the hotel-class facilities for as long as they like. Attractive characteristics of the lounge include complimentary sandwiches, coffee, and buffet-style meals along with free refreshments.
In addition, desserts, beer, and hard liquor are also provided free of charge. Internet facilities and shower booths are also offered to all customers free of charge. These facilities are made available with no reservations necessary. Furthermore, newspapers, magazines, and books are made ready for your enjoyment on one side, along with a TV room to watch the news. Currently, there are about 200~300 people who utilize the facilities every day.

Christ, there's that H word again. Can we please give it a r . . . wait, in the context of an airport it makes perfect sense. I'll tell you what, I'd really like to check these places out when I make my next trip through there. Considering how infrequently airport buses run to Incheon from Jeollanam-do, I've always been stuck with lengthy wait times. The last one was nearly eight hours. And considering the amount of food, coffee, magazines, and internet I can put away, the room would nearly pay for itself. A bit more information here, from whence the above picture was stolen. Some more photos from this Naver blog.


Jason said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the comment about the Remembrance Day post. I was going to do a follow-up post with suggestions for lesson plans but then realized . . . that ain't my job! I still might post a few ideas . . . anyways . . .

Would you mind emailing me so I can send you stuff without always having to post online? Thanks.

You don't seem to have your email available on your blog. I imagine that you must get some 'interesting' emails . . . so I get why you might not want it readily available to all.

Especially if the writer wants to use chicken blood to send you a message, lol.


Kelly said...

Just wanted to post a quick follow up on the Hub Lounge because I was suprised by the lack of information available out there when i was trying to plan out what to do with my 10 hour layover in Seoul.

As of Jan. 2012 the entrance fee is $35 USD but if you are a Korean Airlines passenger with a layover you get a 40% discount ($21 USD). Benefits include free food (don't expect too much) and booze (good wine and even black label for the boyfriend). You also have free internet, showers, etc. but those services are available free to anyone so that is not what you are paying for. I think the biggest benefit is that there are guranteed places to chill - my boyfriend and i were able to takeover a small area and took turns sleeping on the couch. Incheon gets pretty crowded and when walking around at 6 AM there were people passed out on every available surface, we wanted our own space.

Lounge is open from 7AM to 10PM and the entrance fee gets you 5 hours of use.

Hope this is helpful to future travelers.

Brian said...

Great, thanks for the update, Kelly! Incheon seems like it'd be a decent airport for a long layover.