Saturday, April 5, 2008

"Turtle Man" died on Wednesday.

Rapper Im Seong-hoon (임성훈), known as "Turtle Man," of the group "Turtles" died a few days ago of a heart attack at age 38. "Turtles" (거북이), a trio featuring Im and two kind of annoying women, are best known for the song 비행기. They also did the song 싱랄라, the video for which I cited as evidence that Koreans are obsessed with each other's asses. Matter of fact, their song "Bingo," a staple of middle school festival dance numbers, was my ringtone for a while (not my fault), and they do have some catchy songs. I like this one. More on this from KBS World:
Turtle Man had collapsed in April 2005 after complaining of chest pains and difficulty in breathing. He was rushed to a hospital and underwent an emergency heart surgery. He was released after a month-long stay in the hospital, but had to receive another surgery in October 2005.

Nonetheless, the group Geobugi came back in 2006 with their fourth album “Buy a Turtle” and earned wide recognition with their hit “Airplane.” Geobugi’s other hits include “Bingo” and “Four Seasons.” Turtle Man’s funeral will take place on Friday and his remains will be rested in the same place where the remains of actresses Lee Eun-joo and Jung Da-bin are kept.

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The Deity said...

hello there. was watching the news on mbc but couldn't make out the details so i decided to google the story and land on your page.

i like that band a lot. they really have catchy tunes. in fact, the song, "how much" (ulmana), has been my ring tone for almost a year now.

thanks for posting this!