Sunday, October 23, 2011

아이고, fire at Suncheon's Drama Set.

From No Cut News.

Earlier this month there was a fire at Suncheon's Drama Set (순천드라마세트장 or 드라마촬영장), used to film TV dramas like "Love and Ambition" (사랑과야망) and "East of Eden" (에덴의 동쪽). According to the latest update on October 7th, a few hours after the fire spread through the recreations of mid-century Korea the night before, three buildings were destroyed: one theater and two hanok houses.

I think this is the theater they're talking about, but after a good bit of time comparing the fire footage with pictures of the theaters and the "town" layouts, I can't be sure. Just one disadvantage of blogging on Suncheon from half-a-world away.


The set is located in Jorye-dong and is a fairly well-kept secret I always enjoyed visiting. Even three buildings down it's worth a trip to see the mock-up of an anachronistically-named 60s-era Suncheon-eup (Suncheon was designated a city in the 40s), a 70s-era slum, and an 80s-era Seoul. Here's a September 2008 Korea Times article about it and the then-recent activity there, here's a Flickr gallery from 2007, and here's my second-ever blog post. Walk to it from New Downtown, take city bus #777, or catch it on the Suncheon City Tour. If you're interested in these sorts of displays and artifacts there are a couple other drama sets throughout the country that cover similar time periods. There's also a Daldongnae Museum (수도국산 달동네박물관, Sudoguksan Museum of Living and Housing) in Incheon.


kushibo said...

The various movie sets are fun to visit. I've been to the one east of Seoul in Yangsuri (?) a couple times, on the way to Kangwon-do for skiing or hiking. I've yet to hit the one in Puchon, but it's on my list. When I make it to Sunchon again, I'll hit this one. Thanks for the write-up.

Brian said...

Thanks for the comment. I wish I could've seen more, I've always gotten a kick out of seeing pictures of them.

The one in Bucheon looks cool, and is probably bigger than the one in Suncheon. Another neighborhood that always caught my eye was in Eunpyeong-gu. I never went, but read about it on this blog: I read elsewhere that it was used as a filming set.

I've always gotten a kick out of artifacts and displays from 50s - 80s Korea. Unfortunately, they're hard to come by. The Recollection Festival in Gwangju has a small display each year, but it's . . . well, very small. There is a good deal of potential for developing a huge display. But one obstacle, I think, is that this period is hardly the "good old days", and I'm not sure how many people would want to remember and experience a significantly poorer, more closed, and more oppressive time.

Another potential obstacle is I wonder how many artifacts survive. At the set in Suncheon there's an electronics shop in 80s-era Seoul---I think the facades change from time to time, though, depending on the drama---with cameras, radios, and other equipment from the time. There are also reprints of movie posters, and at the Recollection Festival in Gwangju they have old toys, old packs of cigarettes, and other everyday items. I wonder how many items survived necessity and the turbulent times, and moreover I really don't know if there's a fondness for older, "retro" items like in the US. There's certainly a bigger rush to be modern and new in Korea than there is over here.

kushibo said...

I'm not familiar with that particular neighborhood, but it sounds like it's worth checking out. I know that in Ilsan there is a crop of new (i.e., post-IMF era) homes that are Western constructions (mostly from a Canadian company?) that have been a popular site for television shows and commercials.

blaqkitty said...
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