Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12/01/2009 Odds and ends.

I'm not crazy about link lists, but hey, whatareyougonnado? I don't feel like writing a bunch of different posts:

** A family of four was found dead in their Gwangsan-gu apartment last night, looks to be a murder-suicide.

** The Kosin University Christmas Tree Festival opened last night, and the Chosun Ilbo has a picture.

** Yesterday a Shinsegye Department Store in Seoul was promoting "opposite Christmas."
The theme was “opposite Christmas” - hence the upside-down Christmas tree and green Santa Claus outfits. The event was cohosted by Good Neighbors, an international humanitarian organization, and the American clothing retailer Gap.

You don't get it: Korean Christmas is "opposite Christmas."

Choi Yeo-jin and some children, from Newsen.

** James Turnbull at The Grand Narrative writes about Korean women's backsides. I was this close [indicates with fingers] to writing "looks at Korean women's backsides." I'll repost an excerpt of my comment:
I’ve always wondered—but haven’t paid enough attention to—how the backside is used in Korea, and whether it’s considered something attractive or comical . . . In all seriousness, it’s an interesting topic, the way the rump is viewed in Korea, and whether it’s considered something capable of being sexual, or if people here are just imitating that rendering from stuff they’ve seen coming out of the west.

Definitely deserves more attention.

** In probably unrelated news, there's a SexyBack phone (섹시백폰). South Korea's random tagline generator spat out "New Sexy Trend."

** @koreangov, the second-best writer of 2009 behind Gusts of Popular Feeling, recently started a blog. His latest entry is a tour de force listing many of the English slogans used by Korean cities and townships. The English name is help forigner understand about Korean place ,and other countrys people's can
get interest about there. Jangheung-gun is have POWERFUL JUMPING GREEN JANGHEUNG Have you ever heard about Janhueng-kun? you can enjoy many beautiful things in there.

** subfluent has a different take on the "Re-Education Camps" one lawmaker has proposed for foreign teachers here. I'll be writing more on that topic tonight.

** Shanghai is "wiping out 'Chinglish'" ahead of the 2010 Expo. Jeollanam-do's Yeosu is getting the Expo in 2012, and I wonder if such efforts will be able to be finished in only two years take place there. It's not news, but I just saw it on Aruba2Korea yesterday.

** 2010 is the "Year of Kazakhstan" in Korea. Just stop.

** There's a limited-edition Hines Ward laptop being auctioned on eBay, with all proceeds going to Hines Ward's Helping Hands Foundation. I love Ward, but I chuckled at this comment:
Does the Hines laptop criticize your anti-virus hard drive every time you get a virus, noting that other hard drives play through malware, trojans, and viruses all the time?


fattycat said...

opposite Christmas is just stupid and wrong :(

Miss Ashanty said...

i seriously doubt yeosu will be ready... for like ,2 years they said we'd have a starbucks, yet to see one!

professormuckefuck said...

Opposite Christmas? No, I still don't get it. Explain