Friday, August 14, 2009

College students to travel the world for a year to raise awareness of Dokdo.

The Chosun Ilbo tells us about the "Dokdo Racers."
Five students from Seoul National University and a former middle school teacher have formed a group called the "Dokdo Racers" and are planning to travel around the world to promote international awareness of Korea's sovereignty over the Dokdo islets. The students will take a year off from school for the journey.

"The Dokdo islets are certainly part of Korean soil, but the international community now considers them a disputed area between Korea and Japan," the leader of the group said. "We cannot just sit back and lose sovereignty, so we decided to take the initiative to inform the world that the islets belong to Korea."

Leaving for San Francisco on Friday afternoon, they will travel to 30 cities in 50 countries including the U.S., Australia and nations in Europe and Africa, returning to Korea on Aug. 14 next year.

The Korean-language article gives the more possible figure of 50 cities in 30 countries. You can follow their adventures on their blog.


Radical Contra said...

That's a lot of ramyon they'll need to stay super-Korean for a year! I hope someone somewhere has the gonads to push back on their silliness to their face, and that these 'racers" can understand them enough to hear and respond. I hope they all get a chance just to learn about the world enough to evaluate their own country, others, and their behavior.

ROK Hound said...

"but the international community now considers them a disputed area between Korea and Japan"

Of course we consider them to be a disputed area between Korea and Japan. Not everyone agrees on who owns them. That is the definition of "dispute".


Frederic said...

Land of Magnificent Nonsense!

Keith said...
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Keith said...

These people have too much time on their hands.

They will go around the world and be met with complete apathy, except for the completely ignorant and unprincipled brain-dead idealist who just wants everyone to get along no matter the consequences.

I have the feeling that people (outside of East Asia) will be more sympathetic with the Japanese just for the fact that they see Japan as a benign economic power and not as a military threat. People are more familiar with Japan that with Korea.

앤디오빠 said...

Are there gonna be any Takeshima Racers going around the world, telling everyone about Takeshima being in the Sea of Japan? :p

arvinsign said...

"will travel to 30 cities in 50 countries"/"possible figure of 50 cities in 30 countries"

-- Whoa. They should invite Matt Harding of the famous viral youtube video "Where the hell is Matt?"

Colin said...

Firstly after getting over being themselves mistaken for Japanese or Chinese, they'll have to then explain "Dokdo is Korean" refers to a couple of islets and not a children's TV show about a dancing dinosaur.

Chris in South Korea said...

I can hear the entire conversation between Korean and foreigner - whatever kind of foreigner it may be:

Korean: Do you know Dokdo?
Foreigner: What?
K: Dokdo - do you know what it is?
F: Are you some kind of market researcher.
K: Dokdo is Korean territory! (and on and on)
F: (eyes glaze over) Um, sure, ok, buddy, um, whatever (walks away).

It's one thing to raise awareness - it's entirely another to change people minds about something that doesn't directly affect them.

Today's CAPTCHA: airtanel - as in they're going to get an airtanel from all the flying they'll be doing...

@Radical Contra - don't forget all that kimchi too.

WeikuBoy said...

Chris beat me to it, but here's my try;

Foreigner: Now let me see if Ah got this straight. You boys came all the way here to Texas because there's a barren rock called ... what'd you fellers say it was called, again?
Our Hero Racings: Dok-do!
Foreigner: Duck-doo, and you're a telling me this here Duck-doo belongs to that little feller who keeps shooting off them danged ...
Our Hero Racings: Dok-do!
Foreigner: rockets ... what?
Our Hero Racings: Dok-do!
Foreigner: Right, Duck-doo.
Our Hero Racings: No, Dok-do.
Foreigner: Dock-doo.
Our Hero Racings: Dok-do! Dok-do!
Foreigner: Dock-doo to you, too.
Our Hero Racings: DOK-DO! DOK-DO!
Foreigner: Lookie here, boys, if Ah wanted to parlay the Commie I'd go live in Caleeforn-eye-ay.
Our Hero Racings: Dok-do, East-uh Shee, Korea Whiting!
Foreigner: Y'all best make like horseshit and hit the trail. Ya got me, comrades?
Our Hero Racings (in Korean): Only 49 more cities before we return to civilization. I hope there's a Korean Restaurant in Dallas.

mindmetoo said...

Samuel said...


Well done.

I hope the Dokdo racers run into the Takeshima racers somewhere up in the Yukon, and we finally learn what is better: Tae Kwon Do or Karate.

This Is Me Posting said...

Holy cow, I can't WAIT to see if they'll come to my town. If anyone has a list of possible cities they will head to, please post it.

I'd love to talk to Liancourt protesters when they don't have the home field advantage.

WV: merce

mrnaskar1134 said...

"Repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth"
- Dr. Joseph Goebbels

3gyupsal said...

Man, this whole trip is very America centric. Why don't they go to a place like Darfur to talk about Dokdo. Get Angelina Jolie involved.

Korea has been unjustly victimized in this situation. Now that it is a rich nation nobody seems to care about its international sqabbles about some rocks.

Why do poor nations where armed militias who tear up the countryside in bloody hails of bullets get all of the attention?

Radical Contra said...

Actually, it's revealing that these "racers" are going country-to-country, not to a few international organizations, like the UN, or focus groups, such as an energy or environmental lobby. Common sense would dictate attending a conference or some other such attention-grabbing spectacle.

ROK Hound said...

Common sense? Just where do you think you are?

steven b said...

I agree with what the Koreans are doing here. Historically Japan has encroached onto Korean lands, especially Ulleungdo and Dokdo, Korea’s easternmost islands. For centuries, Korea did not protest vehemently enough when Japanese trespassed in this region. This passive approach led to poaching, squatting and finally the region being overrun with Japanese.

Japan is no better than Korea, they just do it differently. Japan’s MOFA and right wing lobbyists from Shimane Prefecture are insidiously lobbying for Dokdo. Such tactics include the printing and distribution of false maps and historical data. Koreans can’t sit and wait while Japan’s lobby machine presses on. They have to be proactive.

Japan’s MOFA is very aggressive in their attempts to expand their territory, not militarily but through “legal” channels such as EEZ expansion and international “solvents” of her border disputes.
As I’ve said here before, the Dokdo dispute is not about a couple of rocks. Dokdo island is territorialized meaning it will become the basepoint for determining the boundary between Japan and Korea. There are about 150 kms of ocean at stake here.

To the Japanese, any half-assed attempt in defending your border is tacit approval for invasion.

a_mere_wanderer said...

This is why Japan shouldn't be focusing on the "inner land" sea among Japan, Korea(s), and China.

Japan's geo-sociologically oriented to the Pacific Ocean, not the other way around.