Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Awards ceremony held for Dokdo Essay Contest "winners."

Like something out of The Onion.
Kim Yong-deok, the president of the Northeast Asian History Foundation, which sponsored the contest, said this event was designed for foreign nationals ``as a way to help boost awareness in foreign countries about this issue and the fact that Dokdo belongs to Korea."

Whatever, you can read the rest on your own. In other Dokdo news, some Korean politicians are going to Washington to bug American politicians about the Liancourt Rocks.
"We plan to make sure that the incoming Barack Obama administration clearly acknowledges Dokdo as South Korea's land, thereby not making mistakes such as wrongly defining or naming the islets," Won Yoo-chul, who will be leading the delegation, said.

Won was referring to an averted move by the U.S. Library of Congress in July to change the name of the Dokdo islets to Liancourt Rocks, considered a more neutral name by the agency. The library postponed the decision, however, citing lack of information and the sensitivity of the issue.

I would like to see Washington choose to stay out of this mess between Japan and South Korea, as taking one side or the other will have no favorable outcome for a third party. I would also like to see the American politicians give these foreigners the visiting delegation a swift kick in the pants for trying to dictate what the Library of Congress does. Regardless of which claim is the strongest, the fact remains that the islets are still disputed territory, and to give them a Japanese or Korean name would alienate a US ally either way.

Yonhap isn't exactly fair and balanced, but I couldn't turn up any other articles covering this visit because nobody else gives a damn. I dunno, I think people back home might be interested in how some South Korean politicians chose to greet the incoming Obama administration. Then again, we first have to convince people to be interested in other countries.

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Samuel said...

Well said Brian. I think Harry Kim's winning of the second prize was quite funny, since he said that it was obvious to anyone that dokdo belongs to Korea. Well, unfortunetly for him, the judges didn't think his argument was that obvious, since he came away with silver. I love how all the Koreans who argue about Dokdo have doctorates in geography. I can't wait until some Korean university offers its first Ph.d in Dokdo-ology--the first Dr.Dok.
Also, why is Russia always left out of the picture in regards to the naming of the Sea of Japan?
In related news, Americans are demanding that the Gulf of Mexico be renamed the "Gulf of America"
Who gives a fuck about Dokdo. It's just so goddamn annoying.