Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This picture cannot be explained.

That was on the Korea Times website just now. Actually, it's a little embarrassing, because pop artist Nancy Lang, posing in the picture above, used the same get-up and sidekicks in a photoshoot from last year:

She's quite an attractive woman, and you can find more, um, "artistic" photos of her with a little effort. Hot damn. You'll notice, too, that she does that same pose in 86% of her photos. There's a biography of the New York born artist on her official site, and it's very stated, if that's the opposite of understated. She did an interview with blogger and regular Dave's poster (Tiberious aka Sparkles) Psychedelic Kimchi here, but it doesn't really teach us anything except that he's a bad photographer.


Andy said...

3 elementary students in tragic red tracksuits are dancing with someone in a large bird costume, someone in a gorilla costume, and an "easy on the eye" kinda woman, in a leaf bikini, holding a cat.

What's so weird about that? :p

Alex said...

It's not "the same pose", it's her "point"! Clearly :) hehehe

But I DO happen to love the photograph. I think the inclusion of children in their school track suits and a pidgeon really take it to the next level. I just wish the pideon was angry - y'know, to provide some contrast.
(I don't even know if I'm being sarcastic or not...I really DO like the photo...)

Samuel said...

It's a giant fucking chicken and a gorrilla with some Jungle babe and mutant children doing the Sieg heil--what's not to get?

Samuel said...

Oh wait--I didn't see the cat, now I really am lost.